Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick Links to Portland Blog Posts

 Portland Recreation, Where I meet a man in a park and we eat breakfast in the rain.

 Portland and the True Believer: I meet a man in a barcade and he shows me the light.

 Portland and the Luckiest Man: I go traipsing through the woods to find hidden treasure.

 Portland from Two Wheels: I meet another cyclist at Portland's HUB

Portland and The Hippo: Where I explore a hardware store with a man who should have been my grandpa.

 Portland and The Slam: I go to the city finals for the Portland Poetry Slam. A favorite.

 Portland and the Garden: The Portland Japanese Garden has never looked more lovely. And I almost lose my mind.

 Portland and Real Food: The Farmer's Market and all its sunny day glory.

 Portland and The Science Pub: Bringing beer and science together, as nature intended.

Portland and the Good Samaritan: A humbling experience that is delivered via the Hospital and Craiglist.

Portland and One Higher: The most popular post on the blog to date. Words can't describe, just read it.

Portland and Men of Specifics: A new take on an old theme and the beauty of the rental.

Portland and the Virtual Girl: A great email response to my ad. Priceless.

Portland and a World that is just Small Enough: An inspiring story of a boys home just outside of Portland.

Portland and Early Morning Opportunities: A ride in a cab in the wee wee hours. Funny because it's true.

 Portland and the Flower Garden: A walk through a flower garden with a mechanic.

Portland and Unexpected Music: A night of great music and sad commentary.

Portland and the Coffee Man: A talk in a Thai place with a pioneer of green coffee

Portland and the Beautiful Dance: A visit to a dance studio that inspires and titillates.

Portland and The Green Girl: A walk through the woods with a sustainable land development guru.

Portland and The Happy Marriage: A classic Portland place with a classy Portland couple, Boris and Natasha.

Portland and The Bookseller: A talk with Michael Powell about his amazing bookstore.

Portland and The Exotic: A visit to the Chinese Garden in the center of the city

Portland and the Search: Where I found my voice and my confidence